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Error: "Shared Sites in the link <file> cannot be modified."

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Error: "Shared Sites in the link <file> cannot be modified."

I have a site RVT and a building RVT in Cloud Worksharing. I understand we have to use the "acquire coordinates workflow" to work with shared coordinates in cloud workshared models, and I have done that many times with success. Today I've imported the site.rvt into the building.rvt and acquired the site coordinates. But when I try to link the building back into the site with "Auto - By Shared Coordinates" I get the following error:


"Shared Site in the link "building.rvt" cannot be modified."


This is perplexing because 1) I've never seen this error before, and 2) of *course* shared sites in the linked file cannot be modified... Cloud Worksharing has never supported this, which is why we use "acquire coordinates", etc.


For now, I'll just draw geometry in both models to help me align them manually but how do I avoid this error in the future and make shared coordinates work they way they are supposed to?

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I think I've finally solved this. It appears that there is something non-default with the shared coordinate system in our project template, which gets propagated to all new projects. The fix appears to be to use the new "Reset Shared Coordinates" tool (Revit 2021) on the site model before linking it into the building model(s). Simply resetting the shared coordinates in the building models is not enough.

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Is there a known fix for this for Pre-2021 Versions?

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