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Error message "You are not a member of any BIM 360 Team Projects".

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Error message "You are not a member of any BIM 360 Team Projects".



One of our customers is us unable to access project through Revit 2017. They are receiving the message "You are not a member of any BIM 360 Team Projects". The user is a member of Collaboration for Revit project. We have tested the following:


-Clearing Temp files from user machine

-Verified that they are on the latest build/versions of Revit and Collaboration for Revit

-Asked the Project Admin to remove the user from the project on BIM360 team, and then re-invite them to the Project as Editor role.


As of today there are 3 more users affected with the issue. Let us know if you would like us to send the journal files as well. We'd really appreciate your assistance.




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in reply to: VasudhaD

It's highly likely that they do not have a C4R subscription associated with their Autodesk IDs.  The timing is probably related to the Subscription Enforcement that began yesterday.


When they log into with their Autodesk IDs, do they see "Collaboration for Revit" in the "Products & Services" section?


If not, does their company have a C4R subscription?  If so, have the Contract Manager assign subscriptions to the team members who need it.  If they'd like to continue trying out C4R, they're welcome to start a free 60-day C4R trial, which after following the up-and running instructions will allow them to work on cloud workshared models in other BIM 360 Team hubs beyond their trial hub, if they so choose.  If they're in a bind with an existing project, this is simplest option to continue working while they evaluate if they'd like to subscribe to the C4R product.


If you'd like to subscribe to the product, you probably know how to make that happen for them.



Kyle Bernhardt
Building Design Strategy
Autodesk, Inc.

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in reply to: KyleB_Autodesk



Thanks for your response. The customer does have C4R subscription and they are continuing to experience the issue. Would it be possible for you to reach out to them directly? I have the email id's of the affected users. Is there a way I can send them to you directly instead of posting them on the forum? 




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in reply to: VasudhaD

Reviewing all of the Users directly with Autodesk Support confirmed they have the C4R entitlement and they are all Synced correctly in the Account Manage system.


What could be causing the Users to sporadically get the "You are not a member of any BIM 360 Team Projects" message?



Bradley Cooley

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in reply to: BradleyCooley

This is just a guess, but it could be a timeout issue on the response from the service.  If someone could PM me a journal file I may be able to validate if that is what is happening.  There are a number of reasons a timeout could occur (high latency, heavy traffic), and could be why the user is only seeing this sporadically and not every time.  Is this user part of many hubs or many projects?  Do they get a similar error if they open the Manage Cloud Models dialog vs. the Open dialog?

Adam Peter
Customer Program Manager
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in reply to: AdamPeter

The fact that this is occurring sporadically makes me think of the issue described in the following article:

Collaboration for Revit error: You do not have permission to edit the element


If the login state is being reset due to multiple Revit versions running with different S/Ns at the same time, then I would expect that the user would be unable to open C4R models through Revit.

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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The issue is resolved when only Revit 2017 is open. Having multiple versions open causes the error..


At this time the solution is listed in the previous link from Lance Coffey:



There are a few ways to avoid this scenario:
- Launch the second session of Revit as a different user. (Microsoft Technet link)
- Avoid opening different sessions of Revit at the same time (when different S/Ns were used to install)
- Use a Subscription license for Revit instead of Maintenance (Subscription S/Ns are the same for the different versions).

What to do if you run into this issue:

  1. Save your changes to the model (Ctrl + S). (You won't be able to synchronize.)
  2. Close all versions of Revit.
  3. Launch Revit.
  4. Sign out/in to your Autodesk account.
  5. Open the Collaboration for Revit model and when prompted select "Keep my changes and open the model".
  6. Synchronize.
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in reply to: VasudhaD

I just had a user with this error message, and simply logging out of her Autodesk Account in Revit and then back in, fixed the issue for her. 

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