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Error in publishing Survey point

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Error in publishing Survey point



I am new to Revit. I want to publish my coordinates from my architecture file to my MEP system file after publishing coordinates to MEP system File Model has been relocating to exact position but the survey coordinates values in MEP system file are not changing . If i am not wrong i am pulishing my survey coordinates values from my architechural model that means i am changing the survey coordinates values in my mep system revit file  but i am unable to see the changed coordinates values in mep system file. Please let me know if  my assumption is wrong if not please suggest me a suggestion to resolve this.  Hope i made my point clear, if not please let me know. 






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If your models overlap correctly, I mean, they are both on the correct positions, that means that your Survey point aren't in the same place?

If yes, then unlclip the Survey point you want to move, then move it to the right place (it will then get the "right" coordinates).

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