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Error after publish model via C4R.

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Error after publish model via C4R.

When I publish a model through "manage cloud models" of a project I'm invited to, I get the message as in attachement when I go online to view the published model. However when the person who "owns" the project/hub publish the model it's no problem to view the model online?!. See also attachment.

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Thank you for your post.  In this case we are currently experiencing an outage in our collaboration tools and interface.  In this case it is specific to file access and the issue you are seeing.  We do apologize for this inconvenience but please note that we have all hands on deck to correct this as quickly as possible within the web portal and software interface.  For reference I have include the tracking site below with the Autodesk health check from the following link.  Here the status of all cloud based software’s can be seen.  As noted, the collaboration for Revit is currently down and there are notes from our development and product group.


Additionally, our PM for A360 (the base for all BIM Team and C4R) has posted the following in our forum community for users to see the outage, reference what happened, and a good place to also monitor for these outages as Bud is quick to post, update, and respond.


Again, we do apologize for this outage and the effects to day-to-day work.


Michael Bussiere II
Support Specialist
Product Support
Autodesk, Inc.

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