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End of File Error

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End of File Error

My computer crashed while a project was syncing today.  I can no longer access that project but other team members can.  When I try to load it, I get an "Attempted to access ....... past its end" error (see attached).  What can I do?


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My computer crashed while syncing today.  I can no longer access the model (see attachment) that was in the process of syncing, but other team members can.  I can still access other files, though.  Is this a local file issue?   What should I delete? 

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Thank you for your post.  In this case it looks like there was an interruption in the connection tot eh project through your Revit C4R interface, and now the file cannot be accessed only by you on your system.  In this case, the error message indicates an issue with your copy of the file (local).  I have included a link below with details on this message.


First you can try to clear your Windows temporary folder (With Revit closed), then restart the system and log back in to test access of the model.  Does it still persist?


If so, to overcome his, you will need to clear your damaged local cache to then restart Revit and test again.  I have listed a link below with details.  Please let us know how this worked out and if there are any questions.  Thank you and we look forward to your reply update.

Michael Bussiere II
Support Specialist
Product Support
Autodesk, Inc.

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