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Email Team from Communicator

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Email Team from Communicator

There is an option in the Revit Communicator (2017) to send an email to the entire project team.  For some reason it will only allow me to send the email to a few users.  Some of these users have the model open and some do not but have access to the project.


Any idea on what this could be?  I've already checked to make sure the users have email addresses tied to there accounts.

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in reply to: tdaniel

Hi @tdaniel, hi Community, 


Based on the feedback of @tdaniel in a direct communication it seems that the issue was rather an occasional event and is not reproducible anymore. 


That being said, I will mark this post as a solution for now, but would encourage other users with the same issue to report this with the following log data attached: 



Best regards,

Zsolt Varga
Technical Support Specialist
Autodesk, Inc.

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