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Electrical Shop Drawings

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Electrical Shop Drawings



I will be receiving updates of an Electrical design model and use the model to make installation drawings by adding support systems or modifying dimensions and coordinating concerns etc. This is a huge project and the Model will be evolving for 5 years or more. My company will not be creating the main model and I am wondering early on what the best possible practices will be to save my work. All the updated models will be submitted to my company eventually but in the meantime I will just need to make separate "shop model" revit files. I have a general understanding but let me narrow down my ideas so I can clarify where I will need insight. thanks!


Option 1:


I am the one receiving the design and will never have a need to send back a model to the designer. All the work I do will be pdf'd and sent with comments to express modifications that the designer will need to add to the next updated design so I can use it to make installation drawings. So does this mean I should just make views, sections, and sheets within the model I receive? Save my work as it were my own model that will not be sent back? So it will not be synced? This sounds fine for making shop drawings that engineers in the field can use but the only problem is when a new model is sent and there are no sheets created or work history in the new model? But I can save that model in a folder with the date and all the work will be on record...


Option 2:


I will make a new central " shop drawing" revit model that will only have progress of my shop drawings that can have any new designs linked into the model. And this could potentially be sent back to the designer Would this be appreciated or would it be unnecessary?


So, when I am making changes to conduit runs and any other major modeling that differs from the linked design, would it be best practice to just "hide" certain conduits from the linked model and then draw the conduits in my local for the sake of drawings being sent to the field? This would also keep a better record of all the work I do and can be saved as it evolves with the original model.


I'm understanding this better as I think through this but I just want to get some opinions or experiences from others. Please post any thoughts or techniques that will help me explore the best options.








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probably more along the lines of Option 2.


if you're familiar with autocad xref concepts, then i would do something similar to that.

if not, then i would;

create your model, where you will do all your modeling, drawing, sheets, .etc, This will your 'central' model.

in your central model, i would link-in the design model(s), on a separate work-set, and use this as your 'background'.

every time you get an update from the design model, you would just do a 'Reload' to see latest changes.


ideally, the design model would be hosted via c4r/a360, and the author of that model would invite you their c4r team-hub-space. this would allow you to have a direct connection to their model (as the revit link in your model) so that every time they do a STC, you would see it almost in real-time. this allows for much more efficient way to keep all geometry coordinated. hopefully.


hope that helps, and good luck!




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Thanks for replying. I think you are right!  Smiley Very Happy

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