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Editing Request Dialogue not showing

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Editing Request Dialogue not showing

I am working in Revit 2017 and using Revit A360 Collaboration for my small studio.  When someone requests ownership of an item, I used to see a dialogue bubble pop up to let me know to sync.  However that doesn't show anymore.  It only changes the request number at the bottom from 0 to 1 but it's not noticeable to a person working.   Does anyone know how to get the bubbles to pop up?



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Hello @sarahkuchar,

The editing request pop up dialog in Collaboration for Revit model is not available at this time.   The Communicator tool can be used to IM members of the team.  Have you tried using this tool?


I recommend that you add this topic to the new Revit Idea Station. You can also vote on ideas others have posted, so be sure to let us know if an idea you see there is important to you.

Michael C
Technical Support Specialist
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