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E57 file import in revit

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E57 file import in revit

How can i import an .e57 file in revit?

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in reply to: Anonymous

I would start here.


Convert the .e57 to a .rcp and then attach it to your Revit model.


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in reply to: Anonymous

But this whole process seems weird. In Revit 19 it was easily possible to import e57 files and now, with Revit 22 and 23 we need to buy another software only for converting the pointcloud?

The Scanner and it´s software is expensive enough, additionally Revit costs aren´t low too and then we need to buy Recap for another 400 Bucks a year for twice use?


Please Autodesk, be fair and give the users different solutions.

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in reply to: T-Rogge

How would you import e57 into Revit pre - 2022?  Post 2013 that is as well.  2013 was, AFAIK, the last time Revit could import point cloud files other than Recap.  Recap was brought out in 2014, I would imagine, LOL.  Now that Recap Pro is included in the Industry collection it is less of an issue.


I actually thought there was a new way to bring in e57 in 2022, but that was maybe with Matterport only??  Thanks.


Regards Peter.


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