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E-Transmit cloud model

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E-Transmit cloud model



I am looking to provide a contractor with pdf drawings and a geometry only model. This is achievable with the e-transmit add-in, however it does not allow me to do this for cloud based work-shared models. Allowing access to published files still allows the users access to the sheets and views that are not necessary in data transfer.


Is there a way to transmit a cloud model for this purpose?

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Hi PAAIMJHCN, this link appears to have been moved as all I get is a 404 error. Is this information still available?


I am having the same issue with Revit 2023, eTransmitting cloud models produces a model that prompts the user to upgrade from 2009 or earlier, then gives the error "Failed to open document."

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in reply to: garry.bishop

e-transmit won't works with cloud model.

download a copy with links and then do e-transmit from there.

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Hi Nick

yeah, it seems the page is not available anymore. Unfortunately I don't think there is another way of doing it than the one mentioned before. publish the latest version, download from ACC/BIM 360, and E-transmit from there 😞

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Hi @garry.bishop 

I agree with @Yien_Chao

Please check this link and follow the steps:

(It says 2020 but should work for later versions as well) 


If this works, please mark this as a solution so that others can quickly locate it. Thank you. 

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what i meant, was the e-transmit not doing proper purge when using ACC models directly.

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