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dwg to pdf autocad 2018 - 2019 not opening pdf in viewer

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dwg to pdf autocad 2018 - 2019 not opening pdf in viewer



after installing autocad LT 2019, i hoped to get the automatic publish working again in the way it worked for me in autocad 2017.

i migrated the settings from autocad 2017 to autocad 2019, no problems there.


at some point autocad introduced multiple options for creating pdf files.

that's great when you create single pdf file, and not automated.


ik want to automate this , and it's possible, i am doing it right now in autocad LT 2017

with automatic publish you can do this very nice, however it will not open in the viewer. i switch on every swicht for open the result in the viewer but it doesn't work.


it drives me crazy.


i have removed 2019, and reinstalled it again, did no migration, still the same problem..


can anyone help me?







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