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Dual Monitor Setup for Revit

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Dual Monitor Setup for Revit

Dual monitors?  Revit 2016

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Should be fine, it all depoends on your graphics card and the size and resolution of your monitors.

The lkimiting factor is the graphics card, not Revit.




Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer
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in reply to: !Dalton_Goodwin!

Revit works fine on a single monitor in a multi monitor situation.  You can undock and relocate the properties window, system browsers, etc... to the other screens.  However you cannot open and relocate views to another screen which I believe is the question like you can do with other design tools.

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What I usually do, is I minimize the main window, then stretch it across the 2 monitors and then arrange my plans in one screen and the elevations or 3D in the other. Is a workaround to not being able to take views out of the main window. It's a hassle to have to do it every day, but it works. Only takes a min to do it anyways. Hopefully Revit becomes more user friendly in this regard. 

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Thanks for the info. 2019 Revit has multi monitor functionality now for the views. 

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