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Does Publishing a Model Bring Updated Links?

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Does Publishing a Model Bring Updated Links?

Hi All, 

I can't seem to find a direct answer to this elsewhere. We have a project that has 2 architectural models and a bunch of C4R linked consultant models. My question is if I publish one of my arch models and download that from the Team Hub will the links that brings with be current as of that publish date? Otherwise, we end up publishing/downloading each model and and all the links. Since they are all interlinked, this ends up being like a gigabyte download per file. This is how we share models with subs that are not in C4R.



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No.  If you need all the latest models, publish all of them using the button in Revit (Collaborate tab --> Manage Cloud Models --> Publish latest).  Once all files have transferred to the A360 page, then you can download a .zip file which contains all the newly published models.


If you only publish one model, when you download from A360, you will only get the latest published model.  In your case your arch model would be current, but the consultant models would be out of date. You will end up downloading the 1 GB of date either way. I haven't figured out a way to download just a single model, other than opening it in Revit and saving a copy locally which I then close and re-open using the detach from central checkbox.




Andy Brack

BIM Manager


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Thanks, that's what I was looking for. as unfortunate as it is.

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