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Does anyone monitor this forum

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Does anyone monitor this forum

I have been told that this is where you would get the fastest response.  For me however there is no fast response either here or with a support request ticket.  Here the post sits withour repsonse for days.  The support tickets do not even get assigned for days.  This is killling my projects. 


I have several projects up with C4R and this week has been hell on wheels.  All due to someone else or Revit claiming someone else owns an element. Usually upon research that individual never accessed that model at all or ever.  The only possible connection is that their model is linked into the model having issues. Try using Relinquish on the model and I am constantly told the operation failed please try again.  16 times later we end up taking the model down and reinitializing that same model.  That by itself has become a challenge because sometimes A360 states that model already exists so we have to rename it and then open all other models that have it linked in and reload from.  This sometimes fails because it states that you own the file but your file is out of date please reload latest.  You go and try to reload latest and are told no changes to load. So you end up adding the model again fine but when you try to remove the bad link it tells you you own the file but your file is out of date please reload latest.  Do that get no changes to load. The only way I have been able to remove the bad link is to take the model down. Open it with detach from central and REMOVE WORKSETS.  Then before you reinitialize to A360 you have to remove the link.


I am at a loss here support tickets still has not been assigned and no one wants to answer here.


Do not know where else to complain to.  Autodesk does not answer the phone just a machine.

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To Whom It May Concern:


I looked up the case number and it isn't listing for some reason.  Please provide the following information so I can get an ATS ticket created and someone from ATS will contact you asap:


1.  Name and contact info

2.  Product and Version

3.  Exact Nature of issue

4.  Issue occuring on multiple systems?

5.  Can it be recreated?

6.  Can you record a video of the issue for uploading?




Dzan Ta

Repro Products (Gold Autodesk Partner)

Dzan Ta, AEE, ASM, ACI.


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