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Dissertation Topics

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Dissertation Topics

Hi all,


I'm going into my final year as a civil engineering with architecture student and am currently researching potential dissertation topics.


I am interested in doing something BIM related as I have used it frequently both during my studies and at a large consultants throughout summer.


However, I have just been notified all masters dissertations must have an analytical/experimental theme within them. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could do? Before being notified of the compulsory analytical theme I had considered "BIM as a modern approach to the design and management in the construction industry" as a potential title.


Thanks in advance,


Murray Smiley Happy

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hello Murray

I see no one ever replied to you with suggestions! I am now where you were back in 2017 - I need a BIM dissertation title for my BEng with a "technical" (analytical) component and feel a bit lost.

May I ask what title you ended up using? Or if you have any other advice for me having been through this yourself 🙂

Thanks in advance!


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in reply to: Anonymous

I also started to prepare a dissertation and faced a similar problem, help me choose a topic.

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