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Different Revit Builds

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Different Revit Builds

In the past I know there has been issues with having team members working on a C4R project if updates for Revit were not installed at the same time across the entire team. After attending AU this last year I was told that this is no longer an issue when working on a C4R project. I just want to verify this as I would like to roll out the latest Revit 2016 update to our team without having to worry about how it will affect outside consultants also working on the project. We will obviously notify all team members and try to have everyone on the same page but there is always going to be that "one person" that doesn't get the upgrade done when everyone else has. Is this still an issue or is it safe to proceed? Thanks! 

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I know this is an old post. Did you ever get an answer for this?


It is a nightmare trying to keep everyone on the same build especially when you have consultants outside your organization that are working in the model over Collaboration for Revit

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I was told this was no longer an issue and I have not had any problems with having multiple versions of updates installed. That being said we still try and get everyone on the same page just to make sure. 

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Did you ever get an answer on this?


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