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Differences in Revit Worksharing between Commercial and Student Licenses - Request for Details

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Differences in Revit Worksharing between Commercial and Student Licenses - Request for Details

Hello everyone!


I'm seeking clarity on the differences in Revit Worksharing between commercial licenses and student licenses, focusing on the 2021 version of Revit. Currently, I'm evaluating the option to migrate to BIM Collaborate Pro subscriptions for my team.


I understand that commercial licenses are optimal for Revit Worksharing, while student licenses may have limitations. Can anyone provide more details or share specific experiences in this context? What are the exact differences between both licenses regarding Revit Worksharing?

Thanks in advance for your help and knowledge!




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I read Autodesk support article -


In case you have student version, then it will have all features I haven't seen in any of the student available software having lesser features like for Revit, AutoCAD, etc.
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Unless things have changed, student licenses cannot do do cloud collaboration.

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Hi @RSomppi and @sureshchotrani,


I currently have two accounts, one commercial and one student. And in relation to the trial version of BIM Collaborate Pro, at least, in both cases the use of Workshared Cloud Models works without problems. However, the use of Cloud-Based Models is not available for the trial for both commercial and student accounts. All of the above in a study context.

As for the use of printing, I did not make a comparison in both cases. It may be that using the student account a watermark is applied.


Mr. mmm

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