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Detaching a Central File and keeping worksets, Revit erase everything

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Detaching a Central File and keeping worksets, Revit erase everything

I receive a model from a consultant every week. The consultant work with worksets. I try to detach the file and keep the worksets and the model appear empty; but if you discard the worksets, then the model appears with the model elements.


I have try to turn on everything and nothing. I also made a multicategory schedule and the model has no elements in it.


I also try this in several computers and is the same. I using the 2017.1 version of Revit.


I’m willing to share the files for testing.

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It's possible that the items are on worksets that are not visible in the should not delete them using the process you explained.


Can you verify through visibility graphics in a 3d view that all of the worksets are set to show.

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Hello, I already turn on all the worksets and all the elementes in the Visibility Graphics and there are no elements in the model. In fact I made a multicategory schedule and it appear empty. 

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