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Detach from Central on our network not from cloud

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Detach from Central on our network not from cloud

I'm telecommuting I can log into our network system when I open file that I create as central model, open file work sharing only have one option to check off Detach from Central the Create New local is not option. Is it because am not on the Cloud and am on our network server? If I check off Detach from central will I lose any work sets I created? I'm continue looking up more information this subject.


Richard Pineda

Specialist II Architectural 

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Hello Richard and thank you for the question!


It looks like you were encountering the following issue: Create New Local checkbox is disabled (grayed out) in Revit


From your description, I would guess that you were accessing the central model through a different path from which it was originally saved. See the link above for more info on troubleshooting this behavior.


I understand this was happening a while ago. Can you confirm if a solution/cause was found?

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist

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