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Desktop Connector local file location

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Desktop Connector local file location

Is there a way to relocate the local cache for the Desktop Connector?

I have v.16.  The local DC folder is taking up 102GB on my hard drive. 

I tried to move the folder to my secondary drive, but the actual folder size is 4.5TB, it won't let me move it.

I really need the 102 GB back on my C: drive.

The source folder is located here C:\Users\<username>\DC

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in reply to: Mbruno-JDB

That folder is here: C:\Users\<username>\DC\ACCDocs\  but be careful of what you delete! deleting files from the connector folders may delete them from the cloud.


I think what you are trying to do is called 'Changing workspace' and it is explained in this help page:


If you don't want to mess with that, and just want to clean up your disk space, here is what you can do:


1. You can "Free Up Space" for each hub you are a member:





2. You can also clear your selected projects from the Connector settings. I would keep the selection to a minimum and avoid checking too many projects: 




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in reply to: Basam.Yousif

Thank you.  I think Change Workspace is the way to go to relocate it. 

However, I've been trying to use is to archive copies of my models in BIM 360.  But everything I download through the connector won't open in Revit.  So, I have to investigate that further.  

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in reply to: Mbruno-JDB

Autodesk says the Connector was not meant to be a 'data transfer' tool. If you want to use the cloud for storage, just drag and drop directly to the cloud.

If you want to open those models, they have to be collaborated into the cloud, not just uploaded.

To open models downloaded directly from the cloud (that were uploaded, not collaborated) it's probably better to have them non-workshared.


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