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Desktop Connector 16.5 / Requested Service Unavailable

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Desktop Connector 16.5 / Requested Service Unavailable

I'm in Revit 2022.1.5 and Desktop Connector I'm trying to get it to reload the keynote text file


Desktop connector seems to be working fine. It downloaded the files from ACC and if I edit a keynote file it's syncing it back to cloud.


But when I try to reload the keynote text file, I get that wonderful error message: "It looks like the requested service is currently unavailable. Please try again."


Any ideas what might be going on and how to fix this?



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We had a few users have this issue the fix is definitely tied to the caching. 
Revit and Desktop connector should be closed

Go to C:\users\username\ appdata\local\autodesk\Revit clear out the paccache folder and until the revit version 2022\collaboration cache  clear out all folders also go under web services and clear it all out go under desktop connector do the same
Delete the DC folder under your user profile

Then relaunch Desktop connector and let the projects resync and give it a try. 

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in reply to: bjlottis

We're also seeing these with some of the add-ins being used, where a file has an extensible storage schema that hasn't been resolved. Make sure all of your users are on the same build/versions for these, that's helped in some cases.


I would also clear the temp folders from Win10/11 and remove as much as you can.


thanks - David B.

David A. Butts

Engineering Technology Manager - Gannett Fleming

Revit Certified Professional/Autodesk Certified Instructor

Revit, AutoCAD Architecture, MEP, Plant 3D, BIM Collaborate Pro Subject Matter Expert

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