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Deleting a RVT File from A360 Team

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Deleting a RVT File from A360 Team

Our firm is new to A360 and we are using it as our server to host numerous revit files. We work with a lot of outside consultants who post model updates every week via a Box site. Every week when we get updates, I have to re-initiate the collaborate tab in the new models and re-link the models into my personal working model. I have consulted the message boards, and that is the only workflow available at this time for this configuration.

My question is that in my A360 Team Page online, I regularly delete the Revit Files when new files are made available. However, when I navigate to A360 from within Revit, I can see the older versions of the models which I had thought were deleted.
Is there any way to delete these files permanently from A360? The issue is that every time I need to 'update' an outside consultant's model, I have to rename it (i have put a date prefix in there) because the original name still exists. That means, I also have to go back into my model and update all of the paths for my linked models to the new date prefix version.

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What you see on the web-site and what you see in Revit are not the same 'files'


The Models on the web site are "published" models ( ='snap-shoot' of a model), these are not the model you work with in Revit. The publishing of the model is done 1st time when you initialize a model or it can also be done from the "Manage A360 Models" dialog.


The model you see in Revit are the 'central' model that you work with. You can afministrate(delete, copy rename, restore....) these modeles from the "Manage A360 Models" dialog in Revit.


Manage Revit Models on A360:


Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer

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