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Deleted files not deleted

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Deleted files not deleted

As we are testing out A360 C4R I uploaded some project files then deleted them.  I just realized when I go to open a project through A360 in Revit, all the files I uploaded then deleted are still in the list.  Not only that but I can still open them.  They do not show up in our A360 site online.  So where are they and why can I still open them?

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Just to add to my confusion...I opened one of the files that I thought I deleted and did a save to central which Revit gladly did.  Where did it save to???  The path siad it was pointing to the A360 directory where it was deleted from.  Apparently something is there, I just can't see it in A360.  Please someone respond with some answers.  I am doing a test run with the team tomorrow morning! Thanks.

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There's currently a bit of a confusing relationship between the service that manages the Cloud Workshared Revit models, and the A360 Team service that allows Web & Mobile Viewing & Commenting.  That's probably the source of the confusion here.


When you delete a file In A360 Team, you're actually not deleting it in the service that actually manages the Cloud Workshared models.  You need to use the Manage A360 Models dialog to do file management tasks for the Cloud Workshared models for now.


We're working to converge file administration operations down the road, at which point this confusion should go away.



Kyle Bernhardt
Building Design Strategy
Autodesk, Inc.

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