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Deleted BIM 360 Team Collaboration Add in and now can't find it

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Deleted BIM 360 Team Collaboration Add in and now can't find it



I mistakenly deleted BIM 360 team collaboration addin for Revit 2017 and now I can't find it anywhere to reinstall it. From reading forums it said to reinstall revit which i have done twice but it still did not work properly for me. It works properly for Revit 2018 but I need to access 2017 and I'm all out of ideas on where to go now with it. Any advice would be great. 



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I feel your pain. I had a similar problem. What finally worked for me was the following:



  1. Use the Autodesk Uninstall Tool (desktop app somewhere on your computer) to uninstall absolutely everything related to Revit 2017 or Building Design Suite Premium 2017, including addins that appear separately in the Uninstall Tool list.
  2. Restart, and run the Uninstall Tool again to check to be sure nothing remains of Revit 2017.
  3. Re-install Revit 2017.


 Edit: I'm not 100% convinced the Uninstall Tool is the best approach. I seem to have messed up my 2018 install trying to fix 2017 with the Uninstall Tool.  I'd recommend getting official support from Autodesk.

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