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DB Link buttons greyed out

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DB Link buttons greyed out

After a lot of stuffing around with install of DB link, I have come to a point of desperation.

Revit 2018.2 installed

DB Link installed

MS Access 2016 - 64 bit installed

Display scaling set to 100% - to show the buttons


Now I have the planets aligned, When I try and export to an MS Access database, both the import and export buttons are STILL greyed out. The only option I have is ODBC which doesn't suit me.


ANY ideas why I can't export\import to and Access database.



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in reply to: craig

Try an older version of Access 64bit, 2010 or 2013.
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in reply to: ToanDN

Sorry but not an option. We only have a subscription to 2016 and our corporate policy won't allow installation of other versions.


Surely Autodesk work with the latest versions of basic Microsoft software ??

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in reply to: craig

Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll look into the problem with Access 2016.


Before a fix is available, you may try the workaround to install Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime from Microsoft website. This component is free and doesn’t require license.

Catherine Liu
Product Owner, Revit
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in reply to: catherineliu

The message does not contain any threats
AVG for MS Exchange Server (2013.0.3556 - 4793/15432)
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in reply to: craig

Thank you for your posting @craig


Also please refer to this for supported versions:



Yuri Kim
Product Support Specialist, AEC
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in reply to: yurikim

The message does not contain any threats
AVG for MS Exchange Server (2013.0.3556 - 4793/15434)
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in reply to: catherineliu

Sorry but running both a runtime version and full version conflicts with each other in the normal database operations outside Autocad.

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in reply to: catherineliu

Thanks, this worked for me

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