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'Data in file (file name) is corrupt and needs to be manually recovered'

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'Data in file (file name) is corrupt and needs to be manually recovered'

We have six people working in the same office using collaboration.


one person is getting the message.... 'Data in file (file name) is corrupt and needs to be manually recovered'

yet the other 5 can work on the file as normal.


If he signs in using a different account name (one of the other users) the file loads ok. This make me think it is a local machine error. I have tried deleting the local collaboration cashe data but the problem is still there.


Does anyone have any ideas why only one member of the team is getting this corruption message?


To recap: He only gets this message when he is signed in on 'his' machine under 'his' login details



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Sound like this users locally cached files might be damage for some reason.


Pleas follow the instructions in this article to find and delete this file(s): Clear a corrupt/damaged C4R model from the system




Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer
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I would posit that based on the process for clearing damaged local cache files that the actual file names should be shown over the GUID gibberish shown.  They are already so buried away that no user will find them unless actually looking for them specifically.


I know Autodesk has pie in the sky dreams of making the local cache transaction completely transparent and smooth.  The fact of the matter is that I have had to clean up damaged local cache files at least 20 times.  The process isn't difficult, but would be much easier if the file names (especially that of links) were shown.  



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