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Cross-Platform Question

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Cross-Platform Question

Hello, I am a student leading a group collaborative project. We are looking into the best way to manage the shared files, and I was curious if there was support for work on both Macs and PCs working on the same files, and if so, how the best way to go about doing that. Thank you!

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Revit only works on Windows there is no MAC version of revit

since your in the the Collaboration for Revit  forum this is a cloud solution that is offered by Autodesk  to allow collaboration in the cloud & not worry about managing internal network infrastructure


is this what your trying to use?

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in reply to: DarrenP

I appreciate your quick reply, thank you. Having reached out to those with Macs in our group, I found that they had been running Revit on home computers when necessary.


I was not looking to inquire about the Collaboration for Revit software, as I do not believe students receive access without processing forms through the host university, I apologize for the confusion. As students do not have access to email support, I was looking for the closest topic in the drop down.

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As long as the Mac users can open the Revit file in the same Revit version under Parallels virtual machine or Bootcamp then you guys are good.

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