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Creating a solid model in REVIT form exported surface in ACAD CIVIL

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Creating a solid model in REVIT form exported surface in ACAD CIVIL


I have an issue that i couldn't resolve.

I have a surface in ACAD CIVIL and I want to import it to REVIT so that it transforms somehow to a solid.

Is there some way to do it?

The things that I have tried so far аre:

In CIVIL: Exporting surface to a mesh, 3d solid, 3d faces, region

In REVIT: Importing all the diffrent formats ( Insert- Import CAD; also tried File>New >Conceptual Mass> Insert CAD) and trying to edit them, but no progress at all.

I also tried open the file in 3dsMax and there I can do whatever I want with it, but don't know what type of format should I export it so that it will be easy to import in REVIT after that.

So I am open for all the ideas you have.


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OK so I found this threat and I think I answer almost all of my questions....


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