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Create central model in the cloud

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Create central model in the cloud

Good night from Spain,

In the company where i work we have to work in a Revit project with differents worksets. We have make it from differents places and we try to use "collaboration for Revit". The first issue is how could we create a central model in the cloud and how create local models in the differents computers of my colleagues. Could anybody help me?

Thanks a lot

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Hi @FRAN1972,

Good morning from Dubai.

It's easy to get started. you can follow the workflow describe in the attached PDF and you should be able to Set up C4R and Start a Project in the cloud.





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in reply to: FRAN1972

First of all you have to assign your colleagues the R4C licenses.
You have to make sure that the colleagues are logged in with your e-mails in Revit.
After that, you first create a project in BIM 360 Team. If you did this, you will open your project in Revit. You go as usual on Collaboration. If you want to actie the cooperation REvit asks you automatically if the file should be created on the local server or in the cloud. From here it is self-explanatory. Employees whom you have assigned to R4c can open the Revit program and open the file under BIM 360.

I hope I could help you
Best Regards
Dill Khan

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