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Copy Parameters and Types from one family to another

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Copy Parameters and Types from one family to another



I´ve been searching everywhere and I can´t find a solution or a workaround to my problem. The main Problem is that I have several families that I´d like to "duplicate" but with different behaviour. For example I´d like to have a Structural column as a Two-Level based (to be used in the structure it self), as a Face Based (to use as fencing or for a Berlin Wall) and as a regular Generic Modell (to be able to use it in an array family). All of them would be a normal extrusion and need to have the same parameters and types, so that they all can be scheduled in the same way.


What I´ve been doing is creating the "duplicate" families form zero. That´s very time consuming and not an optimal way to do it. The problem is not just with Columns or with one family type, I´ve several other families (with very different parameters to do this)






Carlos M.

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in reply to: camontellano

When building families, the first aspect to understand is the nature of the category and function of the family.  For example, if it is a face-based family, then it behaves in such a manner that allows for inputting into any face.  Since you are creating columns where each one has a different basis (2 level based, face based, generic model, etc.), it gets tricky creating multiple families of different categories that contain the same parameters.


One method is to create a generic column family with all of the standard parameters you would see in any of the columns you are designing.  This is your starting family.  From there, nest this family into another host column family such as face based.  This will allow you to retain the parameters of the generic model column as well as associate it to any family parameters of the host family.  In addition, the generic model column family will behave like a face based family since it is nested inside this type of host.  You can then use this approach for other column types of different categories.


If you are just creating a column that has multiple parameters with multiple sizes, you can use the Family Types command within the creation of the family editor environment.


Hope this helps...


Dzan Ta, AEE, ASM, ACI.


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Well, not that much but thanks. I´ve already tried the nesting families approach, and the hassle is the same. If I don´t create parameters in the Main family there is no way I can control the underlying family without referencing those parameters and if I can access the parameters they don´t help in the desired behaviour. Besides anything beyond a two level nesting is too cumbersome so that other revit users in the company can understand.   

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