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Communicator not reliable?

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Communicator not reliable?

We have a project that recently had about 20 users in the architectural model. Even though users have been coached to user communicator to see who's in the model & especially who's syncing the project, we're seeing problems.


Communicator doesn't always accurately show who's in the model and more importantly, who's syncing. It's common to hear that a user starts syncing after verifying that no one else is - only to have communicator report X2, X3 or more users syncing. This causes sync slowdowns and causes users hesitation to sync.


In one case Communicator showed no users in the model when in fact there were. I found out about that after relinquishing them ๐Ÿ˜ž


It's been suggested that we might have network restrictions that are causing these issues. Is there published network guidance I can use to work with our IT folks?


Of course, any other thoughts on what might be causing this issue would be appreciated.




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Hi Dennis,


Sorry to hear you guys are encountering such unreliable behavior.  The first thing I would check is to make sure you have created exceptions from the list HERE.  The key exception for communicator is  I would also like to work with you to get some additional information about users and a timeframe where they experienced not seeing SWC activity so we can do a deeper dive on what could be causing the problem.  If you wouldn't mind you can e-mail me at and provide me with the Autodesk ID of some of the users on the team and a timeframe of the issue?  It may also help to get a journal file from a couple of the affected users as well.



Adam Peter
Customer Program Manager

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