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Communicator for Revit 2017

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Communicator for Revit 2017

We had a major server meltdown which require the server having to be rebooted. That is not the problem. The problem is that I have been working on icloud central model. (very new to this system). It all seemed to work well until the server melt down. The result was, I lost the central file on the icloud and the so called back-up, which is another pain to be discussed on another forum. I only lost two days work as I don't trust the icloud and when I got to certain pionts would download the central model for safe keeping.


Now I can't seem to open/run the communicator tool/window. I've done all the suggestion found on the forums but with no positive result. I can see the "communicator" button. Once clicked to activate you get a quick view of the blue circle doing something and then nothing happens. I don't get the "communicator window. Coupled with this I can not access the icloud account in the manage models either. I get the usual crap message of " A360 projects that contain A360 models cannot be retrieved at this time. Please try later". If I use another my computer at home it all work fine. go figure......


So what I done to try sort this out is to un-install all autodesk software and then re-install. Surprise to find out that I still have the same problems. Even done all the updates from the Autodesk Desktop app manager. but still no luck. Hope someone out there can help or experienced something similar and can point me in a few directions.....

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It sure sounds like you may have an old version of the C4R addon installed on your newer version of Revit.  Be sure to install the latest C4R addon, and let us know if you're still having the issue.



Kyle Bernhardt
Building Design Strategy
Autodesk, Inc.

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