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Collaboration Issue

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Collaboration Issue

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Hi, i have an issue when our group use collaborate. it works fine at first, but when others from the group synchronize, the file changes and all of the DWG. files changes its possision. altso the walls dissapairs. 

Does anyone here know what the problem is or know how to fix it?


Marcus B 

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hello @Anonymous,


That looks really strange. It is hard to tell without having the project file since it can be many things. Lets start with the easy solutions, in the hope this is what's going on.


My first question would be, is it an internal or external project? (with or without C4R)


Just by looking at the picture, what I first would check if some partner/college is changing the base point/true north settings. Since it looks like an installer is drawing his pipes and wanted it at a different angle to make modelling easier. Installers in many cases also hide the walls. Or are they really gone?


You can also try to let them make a new local and see if the error persists (if not much has been drawn that will be lost). 


Best regards,
Josha van Reij
Arcadis NV
BIM manager

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