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Collaboration for Revit

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Collaboration for Revit

Hello everyone.


Have not found discussion forum for Collaboration for Revit, so I will try ask here. I have a project where I am going to use C4R to work with architect from other company. Question is: do I need BIM 360 Team if I’m not going to use mobile app. As far as I understand, by using C4R I will get the same functionality as in BIM 360 Team except for there won't be possible to use mobile app. Am I correct?




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Hello and thank you for your post!


There is no additional cost to use the mobile app.  Basically depending on what subscription you have you can access the following:


BIM 360 Subscription:

Project access via web site including mobile.


C4R Subscription:

Same as above + Project access via Revit


C4R requires BIM360 Team because it is the container for projects.  Once you have a project created in BIM 360 Team, from Revit, C4R enables you to browse to that project, open and save models and workshare with other people on the team.


Hope that helps to clarify.



Adam Peter
Customer Program Manager
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Thank you very much for your reply!Smiley Happy

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