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Collaboration for Revit - Merging + worksets

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Collaboration for Revit - Merging + worksets



I am trying to merge multi-disciplinary models into the one Revit file.


From here, I want to set up worksets so that each component of the merged model (eg structural, architectural and plumbing) can be allocated to a workset and thus each workset has its owner. I want to have all model managers working on the single model with defined permissions and rights to components of the model.


I have tried linking the structural to architectural model however I can't seem to separate each component and view each individually.


What should I be doing to make this work? Is there another method?


Thank you.



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What's wrong with keep them as links?

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{ NA }

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in reply to: desertroserevit3

I have started with the architectural model Revit file.


I have linked the structural model as an overlay via Manage -> Manage links -> ...Add


When I select 'structural' in 'discipline' field in 'properties' pallet, it shows the structural component however it does not remove all of the elements associated with the architectural component. Some doors, windows, tables etc are still showing. I only want the structural component to be visible.


Could it be something to do with families not being directly related to the architectural model?


NOTE: Architectural model says 'Not loaded' in Manage links dialog.


I would like to be able to hide all elements of the architectural model when i select the structural discipline.





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in reply to: ad192

Structural discipline only hides certain, not all categories of other disciplines.  Whatever left you need to hide them via V/G.

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in reply to: ToanDN

Hiding via V/G hides the elements in all discipline views though. So when I select structural discipline and then hide all architectural components, it hides them, however when I try to select architectural discipline, they are still hidden.


Is there a way to hide all architectural elements when you have structural discipline activated and then have the architectural elements come back when you select architectural discipline?



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Don't you have different views for different disciplines? V/G the link differently for each view.

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