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Collaboration for Revit 2017 projects not displaying in A360

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Collaboration for Revit 2017 projects not displaying in A360

Initiated C4R projects are not displaying in A360 created from Revit 2017.


Receive the following error: " Oops! Sorry. This item couldn't be processed for viewing due to some technical difficulties on our end. Please try uploading the file again to see if that fixes the problem. Details. The file is saved in an old version of Revit which we don't support. Please upgrade this project to Revit 2013 or later."


I have tried three different projects. Two were upgrades from a 2016 project. One was a project created from 2017. I have tried downloading and deleting the file and reinitializing the file to no affect. We would like to move our new projects to 2017 but if we cannot use the publish A360 part with our team we hesitate to move forward. Our team relies on commenting on the published models in our workflow.


I understand the A-team is aware and working on a solution.  For now we are using 2016 for C4R projects till issue is resolved.



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Yes, there is currently an issue with processing 2017 Revit models and it is actively being worked on. We hope to have a resolution to this shortly.


Adam Peter
Customer Program Manager

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