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COBie Toolkit for Revit 2016

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COBie Toolkit for Revit 2016

Does anybody know if the COBie toolkit can take the COBie information that is built into the revit families into the COBie Schedules?


It seems to add its own duplicate COBie parameters and ignores the built-in family parameters, that you get included in all the families downloaded from the NBS National BIM library...


It seems like a lot of time would be lost manually inputting information into the COBie schedules for every project, that should automatically populate from good quality revit families.


I've attached a screenshot of a door with the added dupliacte COBie parameters.


Many thanks...



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in reply to: Anonymous

Hello eln22,


The COBie toolkit creates new parameters based on their own shared parameter file.
This results in extra parameters that don’t have a connection to the existing parameters.

There is a Dynamo script available on one of the Autodesk blogs that might help.

This script makes it possible to read your own existing parameter values and place the value in the newly created COBie parameter. One limitation is that it is all about instance parameters.
I can imagine you could expand this to type parameters also somehow.

You also might be able to find Revit tools that help you with this process.


I really like to hear if this works for you.


Good Luck,

Niels Oomen


Best regards,
Niels Oomen
Cadac Group BV
Sr Consultant AEC

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