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COBie Spreadsheet - Document Tab Information

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COBie Spreadsheet - Document Tab Information

Hello everyone I have a simple question. The COBie extension automatically creates a Document tab. Do we input our information (for the document tab) after the spreadsheet has been created or can we input this information inside of the model before creating the spreadsheet? If so, where in the model do we input our Document information?




ps. I know some projects do not require this field, which is not our case. 

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Hi Jason,

No process to do this within the COBie Extension, it would be good if Revit could take the Drawing/schedules list and at least push the names over, however currently a manual exercise and sadly, I've not seen anything to aid in this process. I would suggest exporting your drawing/schedules list into a spreadsheet using a plugin and using the good old copy and paste method!

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