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Cloudsharing Folder with Materials keeps un-linking Revit 2023

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Cloudsharing Folder with Materials keeps un-linking Revit 2023

We were excited to finally have a way to host rendering materials on the cloud with the release of RVT 2023. However, nearly every time we close the model and then re-open it, the materials unlink and we have to manually re-link each one (it would be great to have a similar feature to Indesign, for example, which automatically searches any folder you open to relink a file and detects additional files in that folder which may need to be relinked. We use Desktop Connector to determine our paths, and we have placed the materials in this location:


ACC Docs ->User Account -> Project Name -> Project Files -> Material Subfolder

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Has anyone found a solution to this? We're still experiencing this problem. 

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