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Cloud Worksharing Operations are Down - 1/31/2019

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Cloud Worksharing Operations are Down - 1/31/2019

Revit Cloud Worksharing is currently unavailable. Users may not be able to sign in or access projects. We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.

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Seems this is affecting more than just Revit, can you provide us any information as to what to root cause is?

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You weren't kidding. is more red than green. Wow.

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Great.  Where is the "Dislike" button?

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Looks like things are kind of back now? Is this another spurt of false hope?

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Our company is now under debistating confuson. This is not first time, you konw. You told us that you would inplument some measure. But,now same sevier situation is occurring again. What measurs were implumented? You were failed. Everybody know that amazon web service has more storong system. That system is not down so frequently. Autodesk's system is too fragile. Amazon guarantees strong system. Crowd data is not your data like bank account. It is our asset and our cliant asset. This situation is as if my money is out of use at banks. Do you understand how important it is?

I will tell you again and again. BIM 360 is a wonderful system If it is robust.Our company emphasis on this system. Please protect our colleague and client.


Please explain us and everybody sincerely.

Please contact japanese sales representative, and make them explain more detail and measure to us.


Thank you.


Hiroshi Mori

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The sad part of this is that BIM360 is using Amazon for hosting but they are centralized entirely in the N. Virginia region, meaning they've somewhat put all of their eggs in that basket.  Looking at the AWS status dashboard they seem to be doing just fine This feels to me like an internal Autodesk issue when the whole dashboard turns into a christmas tree.  I'd put money on some sort of authentication issue internally there at ADSK.

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Thank you,eschappe_flad_com !


I first realized that Autodesk used Amazon and only used the Virginia Availability Zone. It became very helpful,very thank you. And I really agree ADSK should put money some sort of authentication issue.


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in reply to: Ian.Ceicys

Thanks to your team for getting this resolved Ian, and thanks for the rapid updates on the dashboard.

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Hi Hiroshi,



How often that king of issues occurs?

Our company is going to use BIM360 for a large projects.




Kind regards

Kris Kielar

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in reply to: K_Kielar

Hello kris,


We subscribe health dashbord.

 It occurs about once every two months. And we are simultaneously facing on probably internal network problem, although the cause is not clear. We often cannot use BIM 360 design.At least, I'd like ATDK to stop BIM 360 design from being useless. We completed big project which have 1GB on C4R recently. Good luck!


Thank you.

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