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Cloud Worksharing Operations are Degraded - 3/20/2018

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Cloud Worksharing Operations are Degraded - 3/20/2018

March 20, 2018 10:50AM EST - Some C4R users may be experiencing failures with Publishing operations. Our team is investigating now – we apologize for the inconvenience. At this time we do not advise retrying publishing operations.

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in reply to: Ian.Ceicys

We are continuing to troubleshoot the failures and it appears that our deep cache is continuing to allow customers to be able to work without impact. We are seeing very intermittent failures and we are working with additional engineering resources from upstream dependencies. 

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in reply to: Ian.Ceicys

The degradation issue observed earlier has been resolved, and worksharing operations have returned to normal. Engineering teams are making adjustments to prevent similar issues in the future. We thank you for your patience.

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in reply to: Ian.Ceicys

Hi Ian


We seem to be experiencing these issues only today (21 March 2018) , May you please advise...

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in reply to: veronica.c



We are having the same problem (from The Netherlands) at the moment. (21st March)


We cannon open / sync models to A360 using C4R.


Please advice




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in reply to: Ian.Ceicys

still having troubles working on C4R... not able to sync ?? Can you update the status... the problem clearly hasn't been solved ?

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Sorry Ian, but services in Europe and Asia are completey non-responsive.

Problems started around 10h45AM brussels time.




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And South Africa...

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Hey Ian


Can you give us all a timescale for getting the problem fixed?



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Good question Gareth, I was already on an early lunch break, maybe Ian could tell us if I have time for a dessert.

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Down again 😞

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We can confirm that there is an issue with cloud worksharing operations and we have an active incident we are working to resolve. I will post more details as they become available. 

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Ian, seriously we need a timescale on this. Our teams are at a complete standstill.
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Same is happening in UK, our team is at a standstill currently.


Could we get an estimated time of getting C4R up and running again.

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Norway is down aswell, 

getting email and skype messages from all over the country

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Quite bizar... almost 3 hours now without being able to work team-wide.... wonder who's gonna pay that bill..

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I guess we'll have to negotiate a discount on the upcoming fees.



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