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Cloud worksharing down, Who pays the bill of the hours spent

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Cloud worksharing down, Who pays the bill of the hours spent

This is the second time in a short time!

Who pays the bill of the hours spent.

I have 11 people who can not do their job.


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in reply to: Evert.v.W.

Hi @Evert.v.W.,


Our team appologizes for the inconvenience the last two outages has caused you in using our Softwares and Services. I understand, how painful such events can be and I can assure you that we take such events very seriously.


We experienced an outage/degradation of the Revit Cloud Collaboration service in the morning of 14th May 2018, roughly between 2am - 7am EDT.

The service has been recovered and is running as expected since that, but our engineering teams are still investigating the causes and are working on changes to avoid a similar issue in the future. They will also make sure, that they will give all of our customers useful informations about the results of the investigation.


You might find the information in my forum post as follows helpful:


Thank you for your commitment to Autodesk products and services and thanks again for your understanding.


Best regards, 


Zsolt Varga
Technical Support Specialist
Autodesk, Inc.

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