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Cloud Worksharing appears to be down again

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Cloud Worksharing appears to be down again

I see there's something posted on the Health Site about it being degraded.

Currently I have a bunch of users that are getting the message that they aren't a member of any hub.

We've had limited luck with users logging out and logging back in being able to gain access.

Also I didn't get any email notification today that something was amiss like we used to.

I also didn't see any information posted here so I thought I'd start one.

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in reply to: dtpeter2901

We are in the same boat. Even if we get past this and the projects messages, projects open without links.

HUB message.jpg


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in reply to: dan_dankert

With all the money we're paying for licenses, I'm really wondering when I'm going to get my rebate check.  200 seats and $900 a seat $180,000 per year or about $20.50/hr.  200 employees at average billable rate of say $110/hr (just my guess)..... well you can do the math.  And I'm sure I'm just the small fish here.  

I get it that this whole internet thing has issues from time to time.  I get that sometimes it's not Autodesk's fault, but it's cloud service provider (we all know who that is).  But I'm not paying their provider.  I'm paying Autodesk.  Sorry works from time to time.  But right now, I'm down about $11k so far this morning.  Again saying I'm sorry is nice, but can a guy get a little something for dealing with this?  Gift card, discount on future licenses?  Free Pass to next years AU?  Hell a box a caramel corn?  Something?  I didn't even get an email notification this morning.


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in reply to: dan_dankert

Happy Hump Day!


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in reply to: sfanello

Yes, we are experiencing the same issues.


The dash board ... shows they are aware of it. The message on the status has changed a couple times this morning.


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