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'Cloud Revit model' vs 'Revit files'

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'Cloud Revit model' vs 'Revit files'

we notice a difference of listings under the 'Type' column in the web UI;


of our 3 models, 1 is labled as 'Cloud Revit model' and the other 2 are listed as 'Revit files'. From within the Revit A360 file-open dialog, we can only see 2 of the models? 



Does a360 care about this?


thanks for your help.

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in reply to: hhbim

Cloud Revit Model is the Collaboration for Revit uploads done through Revit.

Revit Files are ones uploaded through the A360 Team UI. You should not be able to see these from within Revit.


From within Revit you should only be able to see the 1 Cloud Revit Model. I'm not sure why you are seeing 2. Autodesk may have to comment on this.

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in reply to: Chad-Smith

Hi Michael,


So that we can get this in front of the right audience, i'm going to move this over into the Revit Collaboration Forum for them to chime in as wel.



Brett Wright
Community Manager
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in reply to: Chad-Smith

i thought as much...

i can see the 'non' cloud revit model from/in the Revit; Open>Project>A360>Open dialog.


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in reply to: hhbim

thanks Bud...didn't see the reply.

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in reply to: hhbim



What you see on A360 is uploaded files and published models from Revit:


Uploaded: 'Revit files'

Published: 'Cloud Revit model'


Published file are a 'snap-shot' of the model created the first time you initialize a mode or when you select to publish a model from 'Manage A360 Models' in Revit (in the 'Collaborate' tab).


Deletin a "Revit Cloud Model' from A360 will not delete the cental file, only the published version. Deleting a central file is done from 'Manage A360 Models'.


My guess is that you have deleted one of he published file for one of your central files but not the central model - that's why you see two models in Open-A360 but only one on the site.






Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer
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in reply to: lars-ake.johansson

got it and noted.

Thanks Lars-Ake!




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