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Cloud Models Unavailable \ Service Unstable Randomly Recently

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Cloud Models Unavailable \ Service Unstable Randomly Recently

There's been a bunch of recent issues with our firm being able to use Revit with Workshared models being inaccessible and randomly timing out. Are other users experiencing these interrupts with the cloud service? It appears randomly and we don't see update on but several of our users aren't able to connect. 


Just saw that the service is yellow, anyone have an update on what's going on?  

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in reply to: fejavel289

We are experiencing issues too.  Dashboard shows back to Fully Operational, but not for us.  Would be nice to know what is going on in the cloud.

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in reply to: bimchappy

its been nearly a week and everything we've seen with the sign in failure ends up with the account being lost and Autodesk never responds. Incredibly poor way to treat paying customers. 

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in reply to: fejavel289

@fejavel289 . thanks for reaching out. At this time we believe the service to be fully operational. Today's degradation appears to have been caused by delays in Autodesk's log-in & entitlement checking service. Like all incidents, a full investigation is pending to determine root cause and actions that will be taken to prevent the issue from recurring.


We're not aware of any intermittent service issues in the recent past. Can you please provide some details about what kinds of issues you've experienced? 

Also, can you please clarify what you mean by:
>> everything we've seen with the sign in failure ends up with the account being lost

@bimchappy , are you still seeing issues? If so, can you provide details?





Sasha Crotty
Director, AEC Design Data

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