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Cloud Model Upgraded - Cant open Linked models.

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Cloud Model Upgraded - Cant open Linked models.

We have a number of cloud worksharing models which have been upgraded. 

We also have  a number of consultants models linked in which arent cloud worksharing models. 


After upgrading our Worksharing models i am struggling to open the main model which has all of our other cloud based models and consultants non cloud based models linked in via the manage links option. 


When trying to open I am presented with the following message for:


Can't load link: 'File Name'. Open it separately to investigate the problems.


The only option then is to click cancel which causes the model to stop opening and takes me back to the home screen. 

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Hi @frazer.reynolds have you upgraded all the models? 

You will need to open the file separately to investigate 




Try to clear you cache and reopen you master model.


If this work, please mark it as a solution so that others can locate it. Thank you. 

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Prateek Chitnis

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My client has work sharing models, they upgraded them after 2 years when they upgraded, the system did not upload it properly and often lagging. I am trying to check for this page also.

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