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Cloud-linked model showing old/deleted items, not latest link

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Cloud-linked model showing old/deleted items, not latest link

We're facing an issue with two architectural models hosted on BIM360. Our separate disciplines are all working in 360 and we've linked their models into our arch model (for several months now). 


Some time back we noted that the structural model/link appears to not be updating when the link is reloaded from the latest shared file on 360. We consume the models normally, but when reloaded old/deleted items are appearing in our plans. This is occurring on two separate files, both with individually linked structural models. 


Specifically, CMU walls that were deleted long ago from the structural revit models continue to appear. If the structural model is opened directly all is as it should be. However, removing the links, auditing all of the files, even renaming the structural model and linking from a different location, etc, all fail to resolve the issue. 


It's as if there are "leftover" object id's or definitions somehow stored in our architectural model* that cannot be purged. This is becoming an increasing problem as we approach submittal deadlines and obviously makes coordination a nightmare. 


* Strangely, the "ghost" elements ALSO appear when the structural model is previewed in BIM360's viewer. Some of the object info for these is scrambled/nonsensical, so it's not certain that we don't have a BIM360 issue creating this.  


Posting here to see if anyone has experienced a similar issue. 

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YES! Arch model below with client Revit file linked in. All ohasing is correct and mapped correctly. All models have been published, packaged and purged. This is a live link as it is an in-house model collab.  I have removed all the links, purged and published as well. Relinking brings it right back. I am stumped - any help would be appreciated.



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All in-house models shown - consultant models are linked via shared


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