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Cloud and Non-Cloud Users in the Cloud

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Cloud and Non-Cloud Users in the Cloud

My team and I experience some technical difficulties while working on the cloud this week, and I would like to clarify some of my concerns. My first concern is that one of our consultants' team was not able to access or open their live model one morning because a different user has ownership of some elements.  My concern is that the user that appear to have ownership of it was not a user (email)  but the name of one consultants team. Strangely , they do not work on the cloud either. They typically send us a copy of their model via email which we initiate to the C4R and then link it to our live model. However, because they do no work on the cloud, I don't understand why or how it happened this time.


In order to resolve this, I went to the Collaborate tab , Managed Live Models and forcefully relinquished any borrowed elements. I was then successfully able to access the model with no errors . I proceeded to saved, relinquished and synced. I asked them to try and open their model again while still inside there model. However, this time they received an error stating that I now own some elements while still locking them out of their model. I relinquished and synced again and this time it worked. Did I do something wrong or was it just a technical glitch?


My second concern is that one of our consultants kept getting an error when trying to access a copy of published model he downloaded from the A360 Hub (web browser). I thought that the C4R model is not directly connected to the hub if downloaded and saved to another server. I understand that if you publish a live model, it  creates a local copy that can be download but it's  disassociated from the live mode. However, one of our consultants kept getting an error asking them to sign in to A360 to access this downloaded copy - which was saved in his server. I tried doing this myself and had not problem accessing my downloaded model while still logged out but I would like to better understand the different protocols that are recommend for Cloud and Non-Cloud Revit User in the same project.

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I have a thought regarding your first question. When you receive a model via e-mail from your consultant, do you save it on your local server/computer as a central model with all Worksets relinquished prior to initiating C4R?  Or did you initiate C4R without saving as central model first? It sounds like the consultant did not relinquish all elements prior to sending you a copy of their central model, which is common and usually resolved by just saving-as a new central when you receive it and prior to loading into C4R. Without saving as a central model, Revit thinks the file is local model and is searching for a central model to save back to.  It does sound weird that it would still recognize old users after collaborating on A360, but this is my theory as to why that happened to you.


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I was able to figure out the problem as I tried this myself. The end user (consultant) kept double clicking on the downloaded file( saved in his server )when trying to open it , which prompted a sign-in window. If you Launch Revit , browse and then open the file this way, there is no request to sign-in and you can access the file with no problem.



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