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Clarification - Teams and C4R collaboration

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Clarification - Teams and C4R collaboration

We are an office of about 20 architects. We are thinking of buying 25 licenses of BIM 360 Teams and a few C4R licenses.


Currently we can all use a Central file to synch. I am curious about the dynamics of using Teams and C4R. Can people on Teams work on the C4R projects at the same time as he C4R members?

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Hi @sarsenault2CCSS, only people with a C4R subscription will be able to open and edit the Revit models hosted in C4R. People with BIM 360 Team access will be able to view published versions of the model in the BIM 360 Team viewer and download a detached copy of the publshed model.

Sasha Crotty
Director, AEC Design Data

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Thanks for the quick clarification!

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