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Central File Maintenance in BIM 360 Design

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Central File Maintenance in BIM 360 Design

Since the central model is cloud hosted when using BIM 360 Team and BIM 360 Design, you can't actually open it directly. On a workshared project that is being shared locally (using traditional, non-cloud worksharing), I've always recommended on a weekly basis, opening the central model directly (when nobody else is working on the project, of course), using the AUDIT option, purging as necessary, then using SAVE AS to create a new Central File, and making sure the option to compact the file is turned on. Additionally I also counsel users to create new Local Files daily, if not every single time they open the project. This keeps file size down, and limits the opportunity for corruption and "weirdness". 

However with cloud worksharing, that all changes.  What are the recommended maintenance operations for cloud-hosted central files, and, if any, for local cache files?

On a related topic, what about file recovery? With traditional worksharing, you can use the Restore Backup tool, but that isn't an option with cloud worksharing. Instead, I recommend publishing often, as it appears the only way to restore a backup of a central file is by promoting an older version to the current version.


Am I missing anything? 


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Try this Workflow:

ReCentralizing a BIM 360 Model

  1. Open the file as normal
  2. Publish
  3. exit the model
  4. wait for published model to appear in BIM 360 online
  5. download
  6. open with audit and as detached central model
  7. Perform model maintenance / clean
  8. save as new central model
  9. exit model
  10. reopen creating new local
  11. synchronize & initiate to the cloud
  12. use new name
  13. exit the model
  14. open via bim360 with audited local
  15. reload links
  16. Sync & Compact Central
  17. publish the model
  18. sync > save> relinquish > sync
  19. exit the model
  20. Archive old Cloud Model
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in reply to: Anonymous

This seems like a lot of work compared to the non-cloud workflow.  Renaming is not an optimal workflow.  This just messes everything up, no?   Is this really the only option for cleaning these files.  And you still recommend doing this once a week?  Wow that will take a lot of time over the course of a project.  Any other suggestions?  Thanks.


Regards Peter.


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in reply to: Pshupe

I definitely do NOT recommend going through the above steps once a week. That will take up lots of time. However, doing that to perform a full Model Maintenance at the end of each Phase would be a good idea.


I recommend opening with Audit and then Sync with Compact Central once a week - both of which won't take too long.

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